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coraline takes shit from no one


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"She’s as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline"

Water Well Witch!~ Coraline (Tracon9, 2014)


I was discussing with the housemate on how easy a Madoka/Coraline crossover would be, considering the Witch of Coraline already has her own witch world and minions. So I scribbled up this.

The world is lined with old antique walls with large wooden-framed children’s crayon drawings, the sky full of stars, darkness, and the ominous sketched button-moon that cracks over the area as a whole. Gaps in the walls are entirely scribbled kids drawings, along with a giant paper-piece of the Pink Palace.

The Others are head-bobbing minions, connected by strings as puppets. All grin on their own except Wybie and Father who have stitched smiles. Rats and mice are only seen as silhouettes with glowing red button-eyes.


Coraline and other Wybie. By Enny



  • like or credit to @shuckfaces


sooooooo otherbuttons and i realised that a coraline/pmmm crossover is almost too perfect. so here’s the Beldam in her ‘witch form’ (i tried)

all textures are from cgtextures


"I’m Your Other Mother," charcoal, 9x10ish.

darthdinkleburg as the cooliest Coraline. Photo from Otakon.