I was asked to put my current Laika collection
up on Twitter, so I thought I’d put it up here too.

Also no, the man in the right picture isn’t me, but
he is pretty tall and was standing on a chair in that;
that’s how tall it is. I am however the Other Mother
in the cosplay photo on the bottom one (as well as
the one in the Other Father dressing gown in the

Not pictured;
Gear-stick soul (OOAK) • Coraline Wii game
Coraline Maxi poster  • Boxtrolls A3 paper
poster • Boxtrolls Quad poster • Coraline
ACEO (OOAK) • Paranorman stationary
• Paranorman backpack (pretty wrecked
• Three different Coraline cosplays


Coralline sketch! Haven’t updated in a while, been so busy with the fall play and stuffs


"Keep a eye on your body"
"After all….You could possessed by demon triangles or a killer dating simulator" 

Bill!Raz and Gifialine~

Bill!Raz idea goes to  draw-ren-draw and artisticthingem ~
Giffany!Coraline belongs to me~


Here have some mystery kids UvU

❝She had the feeling that the door was looking at her, which she knew was silly, and knew on a deeper level was somehow true❞
Neil Gaiman, Coraline




{the BOXTROLLS} — F i s h

Of course everyone’s getting hyped over the
Boxtrolls, including Sketch_Dailies on twitter!
I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago (and
would have seen it a million times more if I
had the money) but even now I’ll happily jump
on drawing the Boxtrolls. ♥ Fish is my favourite.

I managed to do this in just under an hour and
I’ve honestly impressed myself.


Underappreciated Animated Movies Week, Day 3:

ParaNorman (2012) & Coraline (2009), LAIKA Animation

Walk around the world...
There's always someone out there for you.
...small world.


PH: Giulia Hepburn

Jacket: Vintage


Blouse: Takeshita Dori

Skirt: Vintage

Shoes: TaoBao

Socks: Calzedonia Kids