While coloring others’ films, I realized my animation style has been really rough, so I thought I’d try animating a little cleaner!

I definitely need more practice, but this lil’ Coraline was a fun way to start my day.


lol whats ‘backgrounds’


kind of wish i had chosen a different character as this is not supposed to be a 2D one, but well.. here it is.

character: Neil Gaiman and Laika

music: Bruno Coulais

voice: Teri Hatcher


Endless list of favourite films:
Coraline (2009)

"How can you walk away from something and then come towards it?"


Forever making things.


i want to watch coraline again


Mondo’s release of Bruno Coulais’ Score for Henry Selick’s Coraline

Gorgeous… absolutely gorgeous.

I need this. I need this now. Now. Now.



MONDO To Release Coraline & ParaNorman Soundtracks On April 22, 2014


This month MONDO is celebrating the works of LAIKA Animation Studios with the premiere release of the soundtracks to both Coraline and ParaNorman on deluxe limited edition vinyl. LAIKA has created two of the greatest animated films of the last decade, and MONDO is honored to be paying tribute to both. The scores to Coraline and ParaNorman couldn’t be any more different. But they are both equally…

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Martin Meunier and Brian McLean of LAIKA’s modelmaking department talk about their rapid prototyping work on Coraline.