Oh my twitchy witchy girl, I think you are so nice.
I give bowls of porridge, and I give you bowls of i c e c r e a m.


Made a Coraline Mii!


I did a Beldam make-up test with the bare snazaroo and liquid eyeliner. She turned out pretty good, but there’s more I’d do with more resources.

Also I went on Omegle. People screamed and it was hilarious (and also deafening).


May 2014

Coraline and Wybie going to prom sketch 

I really like Coraline’s design :D


I submitted this for the Young Illustrator Awards 2014!

A lot of mistakes, but it looks cool all the same.


Entry #036: The new girl is kind of bossy…

squishlemon as Coraline

colt-kun as Dipper

myself as Norman


get to know me meme {5 favorite films}

                Coraline (2009)they say even the strongest spirits can be                                                          broken with love


I’ve only just realized now that I never uploaded anything that was post-MCM May. The MCM Misadventures of Pants will probably be updated/reviewed as a whole around late October/early November time, since October will most likely be my last MCM of the year.

One of the cosplayers I ran into at MCM May was otherbuttons/motherlybuttons!! It was amazing how in character she was. Definitely the best cosplayer of the Friday. I hope to see you again one day!! Forgive me for uploading this so late!! H-Heheh…

…I kinda regret asking about the how her button eyes work & stay attached. I almost got my eyes buttoned..!! Weeeh…

More MCM May pictures might be uploaded. MCM Manchester & MancsterCon stuff may come up too. 


My Coraline tattoo!


"I’m back to school, slugs. Not having a fun time whatsoever. To be honest I’m kind of missing this dork..can’t wait to see him on Friday!"