I had a dream the other night of a world of entertainers known as Illusionists. Illusionists can only create temporary non-corporeal objects or music, performing beautiful shows.

Some Illusionists can, however, create or manipulate the world (having earned the judgemental name of ‘witch’ or ‘warlock’). It’s highly frowned upon (and illegal in some countries) not only because of the destruction of upholding such power, but also the effect it has on illusionist. The more you use magic, the more it eats away at your soul, effects showing on the body with a permanent almost tattoo-like marking somewhere on the skin; the markings grow during use of magic but often return to their original state. The other more tell-tale sign is the temporarily blackened eyes. 

In the dream, the Beldam (Other Mother) and the Maestro (Other Father) were Witch and Warlock who travelled under the guise of simple Illusionists, Mother specializing in the ability to create and destroy realities and objects, Father specializing in manipulating sound and earth. Behind the scenes they collect souls to feed their own power and live ‘happier’ lives.

So basically, whatever you do don’t hire them for children’s parties.


Anyone remember that time I was Coraline because I sure do…


I don’t know what’s scarier: losing a White Hat, or having Snatcher be the one to find and return it.


Although I’ve cosplayed my design of 63!Pumpkin Other Father before, I realized I’ve never digitally drawn her up before now.

I have a lot of love for drawing her; she has a slightly subtler face shape than Other Father and her hair is all poofy and curly.

to note: this isn’t actually full pumpkin form, but something in between the second piano-room scene and the final squish squash. ♥


not sure where the laika falls thing even came from but sure as hell i’m loving it.


ugh nerd


pictured: an egg


An old drawing I forget to upload about Coraline and Norman

Coraline - the worlds of Coraline
Norman - Paranorman


Coraline looks weird and I can’t draw Wybie’s mask