Mel Jones / Other Mother

I would type something of interest here but its really hard to explain and i just got up

I’m a little late on this one, but NSFW alert for the Coraline tag again.

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bday present for otherbuttons yeahhhhh!! a tad late ahaha, but i hope you like it uvu

goddamnit the Other Mother is so great to draw


More Coraline
After i drew the easter coraline pic a while ago, i got an urge the other night to draw her again :-) this time i tried to get her style back to closer to the movie now. I quite liked how this one came out :-) she’s rather cute here.


I’m in a shitty mood today, so naturally I’d draw one of my most beloved characters of all time cutting her own eye out.


Sew this page so far…no sewing yet, I need to go to my LYS for Coraline buttons to put on. The left side is blue with silver stars like the jumper the other mother made Coraline in the film. The right side is a drawing/painting of the other mother from the film.

I love Neil Gaiman so very happy to have a page dedicated to him in my journal :)

Licensed Coraline Merchandise » Tom Whalen & Mondo » Limited Edition (275) Mondo Poster
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i drew coraline!!!!


Drawing contest: Coraline, with britt315!